The 10-step remedy to avoid Postpartum Depression

<b> Le remède en 10 étapes pour éviter la Dépression Post-Partum </b>

When you have burnout, you can take a day off or request a vacation.

As a mother, you have no days off, there are no maternity vacations, and #Lifemom is always waiting for you when you come home. There are many times when you feel so close to burnout. There are ways to combat it. By being intentional in your efforts, you can find ways to stop surviving.

“We've all been there, but don't worry, you'll get there, Mom! I promise.


  1. Do something "unproductive"

Not everything you do during the day has to be on your to-do list. You can (and should) do something just because it's fun! These moments will help you accomplish these tasks faster - and because of this, "unproductive" things can actually be much more "productive" than you think!


  1. Treat yourself

When was the last time you bought yourself something? (No, diapers at Carrefour don't count.) Consider treating yourself to something every once in a while, even if it's very little. The beautiful skirt you've been eyeing for months, a new book, a manicure... you really deserve it.


  1. Plan a romantic evening

Let's be honest: it's essential to stay in touch with your partner. Your dates don't need to be fancy - sipping a glass of wine and sitting on the front porch together is more than enough!


  1. Connect with nature

I know fatigue as a mom can be intense at times, but being cooped up at home is bad for you. So, get outside and breathe fresh, clean air every day! This can be incredibly therapeutic for you and your child!


  1. Make sleep a priority

Research proves again and again how vital sleep is to our overall well-being and mood. So go to bed early tonight, Mom. Because... science...


  1. Don't hesitate to say "no."

You wear so many hats and it's already exhausting. Adding extra tasks to your schedule will only make the situation worse. Don't hesitate to say "no" sometimes, it could significantly reduce your stress levels!


  1. Connect with people who bring you positive vibes

Do you know that friend who makes you “LAUGH, LAUGH”?

Or the one who always has the right words to cheer you up, call her. Whether it's a phone call, a FaceTime or a night out with your girl tribe.

This will definitely be the best option to give you the boost you need!


  1. Eat well

Easier said than done ! But eating well is so important. Your body needs the right nutrients to function properly! A well-fueled body will work better and keep you more energized during your busy day.


  1. Find peace

Whether through yoga, meditation, or sport, actively incorporating peaceful practices into your routine will help you feel centered and balanced during the day.


  1. Don't be afraid to ask for help

You're already Super Woman, so go ahead and ask for help when you need it. Hire someone to help you clean, if you're able. Or ask a friend or family for help.

Don't hesitate to get smart tools that can make your daily life easier, like our hands-free baby bottle that will help you become the queen of multitasking!


By following the simple tips above, you will truly be able to avoid postpartum depression before it even has a chance to take hold in your life and family.

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